Convenience Store
Shelving Solutions

Convenience Store Shelving Solutions

With a mixture of hang sell and shelving requiring a high weight/volume load capability, S25 is well suited to this industry.

By adding timber, lights or colour variations the system becomes upmarket looking yet retaining the weight loadings and versatility of a modular system. Incorporate a special gondola with curves and curved ends for the high end products.


Our standard S25 pitch system is a versatile modular shelving system that has endless applications for whatever market you are in. It is a merchandisers dream having Plain, Perforated or even Slat metal back panels available along with multiple shelf depth options. The 25mm pitch allows you to reduce the dead air between shelves giving greater merchandising flexibility and ranging.

The S25 system is suitable for the pharmacy, stationery, newsagency, post office, variety, convenience, pet, liquor, electrical, hardware, tool, department and big box stores.

Plain, Perforated, Wire, Curves, Corners, Drawers, Cards, Books, CD’s, Wine, 4 Way systems, Timber, Canopies and the list goes on. Woodgrain powder coating available to order (limited range