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shelving systems



After years of seeing shelves lit up with wires hanging all over the place and listening to retail staff complain that once a shelf was lit they could not safely move the shelf due to product changes.

We at NuFX sat down and thought that I could not be that hard to design a simple and user-friendly shelf lighting system, hence LumenXtra adjustable and retro-fitable shelf lighting system was born.

Our LumenXtra system has been tried and tested and is manufactured as a kit form so installers are not required, it’s a DIY product.

Now you can create a highlighted feature area within your store with LumenXtra adjustable shelf lights, creating an “I must go and see” area for your clients to go to. Light up your merchandise to show the products high-value importance in your store. Assists in increasing sales, research in the UK shows that sales increase by an average of 11% when products are displayed on a shelf that is lit up. LumenXtra adjustable shelf lights allow you to highlight selected products groups within you retail outlet.

The system is retrofittable and DIY.